The Study

Our Reserve Fund Study addresses all common property elements as per the Corporation’s declaration. The study will deal with architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical elements.

Keller’s comprehensive reports include the preparation of a spreadsheet that covers a 30-year period. This spreadsheet clearly indicates the recommended reserve fund contributions, which work is required, when it will be needed and, most importantly for planning purposes, the estimated cost for each of the repaired or replaced item.

Our dedicated and knowledge team take the time to meet with the Board to discuss our findings and preliminary recommendations provided in the draft report. This meeting enables the Board to ensure that all common element expenditures are fully addressed.

Our studies are carried out in accordance with the respective provincial Acts and associated Regulations.

Our Report

Our Report easy to read and information simple to find, each common element is discussed in a separate section of the report. The discussion in each section describes the general condition of the common elements as well as the maintenance and repair/replacement requirements, in terms of both costs and timing.

To assist the Board in its future dealings with contractors and/or other consultants, this section provides the quantities of the common elements as they exist at the time of the audit. This feature is unique to our Reserve Fund Studies.

A Photo Review is provided where propriate to illustrate key observations which are made at the time of inspection.

The Spreadsheet

The Spreadsheet is presented in a format that is easy to follow while still accounting for inflation and earned interest thus optimizing the accuracy of the forecasting.

Major Capital Expenditures that are likely to be incurred beyond the time period covered by the spreadsheet are accounted for in our calculations of the funding requirements.

Management Planning Table

Management Planning Table further breaks out the spreadsheet for each of the replacement or repairs projects for each year.